Jaguar Land Rover Celebrates International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day Jaguar Land Rover announced their partnership with Getty Images, a world leader in visual communication, to broadcast the need for a more realistic digital representation of females in STEM roles.

The images of women in STEM roles people usually find are dated and do not properly represent the variety and excitement these women experience in their careers. Jaguar Land Rover and Getty Images are striving to change that. Studies have shown that people searching for photos of women in STEM has risen by 526% in the past year.

“We have always championed women in the car business and are committed to inspiring more girls and women to consider careers in engineering and manufacturing,” Fiona Pargeter, Jaguar Land Rover Global PR Communications Director, said. “Our female workforce has grown from 9% to 11% over the past four years due to our focused STEM initiatives. But this is still far too low – businesses being proactive about using realistic imagery is one of the many ways that we can attract the bright minds we need into STEM careers.”

Jaguar Land Rover and Getty Images released pictures on March 8, 2017, International Women’s Day, of female Jaguar Land Rover employees in roles from aerodynamics to audio and cyber engineering. In addition to properly portraying women in STEM roles, Jaguar Land Rover and Getty Images hopes these pictures help to encourage women to apply for STEM jobs as well.

“Here at Jaguar Land Rover we need the diversity of skills that women bring to ensure we thrive and maintain our competitive edge for years to come,” Michelle Mortiboys, Vehicle Line Director, Jaguar Land Rover, said. “It is well known that gender diversification in business is not just healthy culturally but also propels progressiveness and innovation. Our partnership with Getty Images is not just about recruiting women into engineering, it’s a small part of the work that needs to be done to upscale female employees in the automotive sector as a whole.”

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Design Museum Debuts Velar

The new Land Rover Range Rover Velar is truly a sight to behold. It made its world debut at the Design Museum in London, England last week. This debut make an on-going relationship between Jaguar Land Rover and the Design Museum.

“We are delighted to be able to begin our partnership with the Design Museum with such a significant vehicle. The new Range Rover Velar brings a new dimension of modernity to our brands while reinforcing our total commitment to design and engineering excellence,” Gerry McGovern, Chief Design Officer, Land Rover, says.

The last time a Land Rover was displayed at a museum was in the 1970s when the original Range Rover made its debut at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France.

The Range Rover Velar truly shows the magnitude of British innovation. It has been designed, engineering, and manufactured in the United Kingdom.

The Range Rover Velar fills the gap between the Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport in the Range Rover family. It includes new features such as Touch Pro Duo (Land Rover’s new InControl technology system).

Peter Virk, Director of Connected Car & Future Safety, talks about Touch Pro Duo, “Two high definition 10-inch touchscreen are your window into the world. The connected infotainment system learns from you and anticipates your needs, serving you what you want, when you want it – but never intrudes letting you enjoy the drive, while it takes the stress our of daily life, like any good butler or digital personal assistant should.”

During the Range Rover Velar’s debut, Land Rover also released a documentary-type film about the vehicle. The film, The Crafting of Simplicity, is about 15 minutes long and tells about how the Range Rover Velar came to be. A 45 minute documentary going in more depth about the creation of the Range Rover Velar will launch this summer.

The Range Rover Velar will go on sale in the United States later this year and will start at $49,990.

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Welcome to Our 100th Veteran!

Jaguar Land Rover is committed to supporting individuals with military service backgrounds. As part of that commitment Since Jaguar Land Rover launched their Jaguar Land Rover Veterans Careers Program they have employed 100 veterans in the last 8 months. This program places skilled and experienced Transitioning Service Members and Veterans with jobs across the Jaguar Land Rover retail network.

Jaguar Land Rover Austin is excited to have the 100th Veteran to be placed by the Jaguar Land Rover Veterans Careers Program on their staff in Austin, Texas.

The 100th Veteran, Jonathan Irby, is a former Navy Petty Officer and F/A-18 Super Hornet Jet aircraft mechanic. He last served at the Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia with the Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA-81). He was in charge of 20 naval aviation technicians and led them through the repair and service of some advanced combat aircrafts.

Irby has now become a part of the “JLR Regiment.” This group of servicemen and women average more than 10 years of experience.

In addition to their commitment to employ veterans, Jaguar Land Rover will once again by the presenting partner for the upcoming 2017 Invictus Games that will be held in Toronto, Canada from September 24-30, 2017.

“The Veterans hired by U.S. retailers through the Jaguar Land Rover Veterans Careers Program displace remarkable skill, work ethic, character, and loyalty,” Jeff Jennings, Director for Brand Training and Recognition, Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC, said. “These new employees with service backgrounds help us ensure we continue to provide an unrivaled experience for our customers as Jaguar Land Rover experiences record growth in the U.S.”

In addition to the 100 veterans employed in the United States, Jaguar Land Rover has employed over 200 veterans in the United Kingdom since 2014.

Jaguar Land Rover remains committed to supporting our former and current servicemen and women.

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Land Rover Discovery Travels Alaska

Last summer traveler and photographer, Alex Strohl, and his wife, Andrea, went on an Alaskan road trip with the Land Rover Discovery Sport.

They started in Whitefish, Montana and drove on the Alaska Highway (or ALCAN). Andrea had never been to Alaska before, and Alex was excited to go back.

The Alaska Highway goes through some very remote parts of British Columbia and Yukon. However, that provided plenty of opportunity for incredible views. Alex and Andrea were not disappointed by the snow-capped mountains, wildflowers, or bear, moose, or caribou sightings.

“Carving through Northern BC, southwestern Yukon, and the heart of West Alaska was fascinating, watching the ever-changing landscape shift over the long and impossibly diverse highway is something that you can only experience in a vehicle,” Alex said.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport was the perfect vehicle for the Strohls. It allowed them the freedom to move as they please and search for interesting stops. Alex said that they “would try to find an impossible mountain trail with potential for good views, swimming holes off the road, or camping spots in the hills.”

Alex also said that the comfortable cabin, panoramic moon roof, and quality sound system of the Land Rover Discovery Sport were a necessity for their trip as the changing Alaskan weather created challenges.

Over the next few weeks Alex and Andrea would explore everything Alaska had to offer them. They visited Knik glacier where they were able to kayak on sapphire blue water. In Tutka Bay they were able to swim with humpback and beluga whales. In Homer they were able to explore some fjords and camp on a private island.

All in all, they had an incredible time exploring Alaska in the Land Rover Discovery Sport. After weeks on the road, they found Alaska felt less unknown and more like home.

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Touring Cannery Row

American, Bradley Hasemeyer, and British, Adrian Simpson, automotive journalists take a tour of Cannery Row in Monterey, California while driving the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque.

Simpson described Cannery Row as “somewhere really special” with “the wooden buildings, the balconies, and the smell of the sea.”

Hasemeyer went on to describe Cannery Row as “world famous” and “very historic.” He explained to Simpson that the area has inspired many American writers, such as them, and the industry that kept it going, “This is such an iconic part of California. People would bring in tons of sardines, there was an entire industry.” He even mentioned the vastness of the ocean and how it is truly inspiring in its own right.

As their mode of transportation, the Range Rover Evoque really made an impression on them. They discussed how “beautifully compact” it is, and Simpson went on to say, “This may be the smaller brother to the Range Rover, but you’re getting all that luxury and refinement.”

“If feels like a concept car that went from the concept design and didn’t go through that period where they completely wash out the excitement of the design.”

Hasemeyer commented on the Range Rover Evoque’s debut, and how many heads it turned. “It was like breaking necks,” Hasemeyer said.

As they finished their tour of the town, they started to drive up a hill through forest to reach an amazing vista. Both Simpson and Hasemeyer were enthralled with the beauty of the landscape driving up the hill and were very impressed with how much they could see out of the Range Rover Evoque’s windows. Hasemeyer even commented on the sunroof, “Of course with the pano roof, everything flying by us.”

As they reached their final destination, the view, Hasemeyer led Simpson, on foot, down a nature trail. Simpson, realizing they were getting further from the vehicle than he thought, pulled out his smart phone and remotely made sure the doors on the Range Rover Evoque were locked. “That way when we get back, there isn’t a grizzly bear in my driving seat,” Simpson said.

In the end, they were rewarded with an incredible view of Cannery Row, with the help of the Range Rover Evoque.

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