Jaguar Moving Forward with Electrification

Jaguar Land Rover is now fully onboard with the electrification movement as they announced there will be a deadline where all new production vehicles with either be a hybrid or fully electric.

Last November the brand revealed their plans to phase out diesel and petrol vehicles along with the 2032 requisite by the Scottish government. Being based in the UK was a part of this choice as JLR vowed for all new models for 2020 and on will have some form of electric motor.

The only consequence that may come with the rapid electrification would be the autonomous vehicles that drive themselves. The problem from an economic perspective is that this could potentially put hundreds of thousands of people out of jobs.

Tesla and BMW may have caught the wave earlier on introducing electric vehicle models but Jaguar Land Rover certainly isn’t slowing down anytime soon. The brand is moving away from diesel and petrol with the high emissions and focusing on battery-powered cars. Jaguar Land Rover’s I-PACE will offer a range of 310 miles on electric power which positions it to compete with other luxury hybrid vehicles.

Not only have they announced their electrification plans publically, but JLR has registered a number of trademark names that indicate their plans are solidified. They will continue to create the existing lineup of diesel and petrol vehicles in 2020 where there will be a hard switch to electric vehicles.

What does this mean for the future of Land Rover?

We don’t have all of the details yet but they are slowly releasing tidbits that there will be new members coming to the Jaguar Land Rover family. The brand has dropped a few hints and blueprints at various auto shows that reflected the continuing sophistication of design.

Ian Callum’s team never fails to surprise consumers with new design ideas for electrified models.

Want to learn more about Jaguar Land Rover’s electric and hybrid models? Contact us at Land Rover Austin for more information on our lineup of new and used vehicles in Austin, TX.

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Land Rover Durability in a Smartphone

Land Rover has introduced the perfect companion for your off-road travels; the Explore smartphone.

This innovative phone is ready to take on your next adventure with convenient lifestyle features. It includes a water-resistant wristband that can track user activity and also doubles as an electronic key fob.

Outdoor activities will never be the same with the usefulness of Land Rover’s Explore smartphone. It features a fully functional camera so you can record your experiences without worrying about your phone getting damaged.

The durability of this phone is impressive as it is rated at IP68 which reflects that it can be submerged underwater for up to 30 minutes. Some smartphones are labeled as waterproof, but they cannot actually be held underneath the surface.

As soon as you hop out of your Land Rover vehicle, you can drop the Explore in dirt, mud or sand and it will still work just as if it was brand new.

Land Rover fans love the fact that the Explore smartphone can easily be paired with their vehicle and it is equipped with expansive off-road maps. While you are looking at the maps, you won’t be straining your eyes as the screen is designed to reduce glare.

The battery inside the phone is better than the iPhone X as it is 4,000 milliampere compared with 2,700 milliampere for the iPhone. If you are venturing out into new off-road territories, the phone will last for a long time once you’ve ventured away from your vehicle.

Accessory packages are also available for extra protection and mounting the phone on your bicycle.

Land Rover makes sure the experience for the Explore smartphone is just as durable as your Land Rover SUV.

Interested in checking out our lineup of Land Rover vehicles? Contact us at Land Rover Frisco to learn more about our selection of SUV vehicles in Frisco.


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Range Rover Introducing SV Coupe

The Range Rover lineup certainly has no shortage of trim options or body styles. The sub-brand has come a long way from its origins, nearly 48 years ago.

While the 2 door model has been off the market for a while now, Land Rover has not lost sight of the idea. With the increasing popularity of the model type, they have decided to embrace the comeback of crossover vehicles.


Consumers are looking forward to the 2018 Geneva Motor event in March, where Range Rover will be introducing a 2-door SV coupe. The brand has already released an image of the interior which hinted at the likely fact that the new model will be priced above the SV Autobiography Range Rover trim.

The SV coupe features a handcrafted interior with exquisite white leather seats in the front and black leather in the rear. Accented by wood paneling in the center console, the SV oozes sophistication.
One question still left unanswered is whether the model will keep the standard wheelbase or move to something shorter.

It is expected for the coupe model to have plenty of power with a 5.0-liter V8 engine that delivers 550 horsepower. We will have to wait until March to see if the exterior will have a sleek roofline as opposed to resembling the X6. Range Rover will most likely stick with the no-nonsense styling similar to the other models in the sub-brand’s lineup.

Land Rover fans may have assumed that because of the coupe body style that the offering would be a cheaper style. JLR quickly blew that assumption out of the water when they announced that they will only be producing 999 of the ultra-luxury model.

Excited about the new coupe model being introduced to the Range Rover lineup? Ready to check out our inventory of new Range Rovers in Austin? Contact us at Land Rover Austin to learn more about the model options we have available.

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Treat Your Valentine to a Thrilling Experience

Just like the first moment you laid eyes on your significant other, there are exciting moments in life that set your heart on fire.

Imagine sitting beside your soulmate in a Range Rover Sport soaring down a steep incline into a large water puddle. Plowing over the toughest terrain, handling bumps with ease and embracing the unique capabilities of a Land Rover vehicle.

If your loved one craves adventure, Land Rover is offering Experience Day gifts ranging from a preview sessions to full day off-road excursions. These gifts certainly are not lacking when it comes to excitement, making sure that the recipients enjoy a memorable experience.

Ready to push your driving abilities to the max? Think of trying a half or full day experience! You have the option of Deciding what type of course you wish to take. Couples can bring Valentine’s Day to a new level of adventure with the Experience day gifts!

Some of the courses boast 60 miles of off-road trails where the vehicles can unleash their full potential.

If you ever make it to Liverpool, be sure to check out the Experience Day in Solihull where drivers can control the brand new Range Rover Evoque or Land Rover Discovery sport on an expansive, picturesque course.

With world-class instructors to lead the way, drivers will have a chance to experience new techniques and get a better feel for controlling the vehicle off-road.

For those wanting to experience the power of a 4×4 for the first time and Land Rover enthusiasts alike, you will be able to choose from an array of Land Rover vehicles. Muddy waters, rough inclines and off-road tracks are combined for a thrilling outdoor getaway.

Want to know more about Land Rover vehicles? Interested in checking out the Range Rover Sport, Velar or the Discovery? Contact us at Jaguar Land Rover Austin!

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Buying a Used Land Rover in Austin

Have you been thinking about buying a used Land Rover in Austin, TX? Not sure what to consider before making your final decision? At Land Rover Austin, our goal is to make sure you find the right vehicle for your needs. With the help of our staff, you will be behind the wheel in your next vehicle enjoying the adventure!

Exploring Off-Road Territory

The Land Rover brand goes hand-in-hand with the outdoors and escaping traditional roads. When you are ready for a new adventure, the Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Evoque and Discovery Sport are all great options to choose from.

For those who love to power through the dirt and swampland or even if you just want some excitement while commuting, there is a vehicle for you in the Land Rover lineup.

Selection Based on Your Taste

When selecting a Land Rover vehicle in Austin, you need to consider your tastes for speed, styling and features. If you travel alone, the classic Range Rover may be a good fit while families like the capacity of the Discovery Sport. The Range Rover Sport is another favorite if you desire speed and don’t need large stow capacity.

Each Land Rover model is offered in several different trim levels to make sure you find a vehicle that matches your preferences for both interior and exterior style. If you want a used vehicle that will be great for different stages of life, look into the LR4 or the Range Rover Evoque.

Client Satisfaction is Our Priority

Looking at Land Rover vehicles is not just about the looks and features but the buying experience can make a huge difference in your satisfaction. We strive to walk you through a 360-tour of the vehicle and provide plenty of helpful features that will help you get to know your used vehicle.

Our service doesn’t stop after your vehicle purchase, we will make sure you are never left out of adventures with a full service department for your repair and maintenance needs.

Interested in checking out our inventory of used vehicles in Austin? Contact us at Land Rover Austin to learn more about the different Land Rover models that we have in stock. We hope to see you soon!

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