Keep that New Car Shine for Years to Come!

One of the most satisfying feelings after purchasing a new or used vehicle from the dealership is appreciating its glossy shine. The dealership takes great care to ensure that the vehicle’s paint job is no less than perfect the day that you drive it off the lot—and with a little bit of work, you can keep it looking that way for many years to come. Here are some tips on how to keep that new car shine from your friends here at Land Rover Austin:

  • Use the Proper Tools – When washing your car, it’s crucial that you only use tools that are specifically designed for automotive use. This means you’ll need a paint-safe microfiber washing mitt, a 5 gallon bucket, and a good cleaning product that’s pH balanced and non-detergent based.
  • Never Skip Drying – Properly drying your vehicle after washing is necessary to prevent water spots—pesky mineral deposits that can eat away at your vehicle’s finish. We advise using either a 100% cotton detailing cloth or a sheepskin chamois to dry your car, since polyester and microfiber cloths can actually scratch your vehicle’s paint surface.
  • Don’t Forget the Wax – Waxing is the most important thing you can do to protect your new car’s gloss and shine. There are many wax products available, but we recommend using a carnauba car wax since it produces a deep, healthy shine that you just can’t get with other waxes and sealants.

If it’s time for you to purchase a new vehicle, Land Rover Austin can help.  With a variety of new, used and certified pre-owned vehicles available, all with a shine you have to see to believe! Call, click, or stop by Land Rover Austin located at 1515 W. 5th Street today!



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Range Rover Evoque

The 2012 Range Rover Evoque is in stock at Land Rover Austin.  It has been called the ‘2012 SUV of the Year’, and for good reason. The new 2012 Range Rover Evoque is a different kind of Land Rover, a compact, crossover aimed at urbanites who want luxury, sport-utility usefulness, and reasonable fuel economy in a compact package. The new Evoque wraps it all in a refreshingly different exterior design. Its width and low roofline contributes to the Evoque’s athletic look and aggressive stance. Combined with a sophisticated full-time four-wheel drive system, good ground clearance, and a short wheelbase, the Evoque can tackle some pretty tough off-road terrain. That sustains Land Rover’s tradition of exceptional go-anywhere proficiency, an area of performance that is absent in the pedigrees of competitors, which have no off-road pretensions whatsoever.

The Evoque delivers cargo versatility with a hatchback design. Fold the rear seatbacks forward and cargo capacity expands exponentially, the interior also measures up well in terms of roominess for four passengers. The Evoque’s interior appointments are arguably more upscale than the others in its class, even in base trim. That’s why Land Rover applied its upscale Range Rover badge to the model. The Evoque’s tidy dimensions pay off with low curb weight, which adds up to respectable fuel economy ratings: 18 mpg city, 28 mpg highway, according to the EPA. Distinctively styled and equipped with a luxurious interior, the three- or five-door Evoque is intended to boldly go where Range Rover has never gone before.

Standard Equipment

The base “Pure” trim includes a long list of features including keyless entry and engine start, power-adjustable leather seats, dual-zone automatic climate control, a power tailgate, 19-inch alloy wheels and an 11-speaker audio system with an eight-inch touchscreen. On the dynamic side, all Evoque vehicles feature hill-hold and Hill Descent Control along with Land Rover’s terrain response system featuring unique driving modes for sand, mud and snow. Standard safety features include stability and traction controls, roll stability control, Trailer Stability Assist (to help when towing), and six airbags.

Optional Equipment

Options are grouped into three trim levels. The Pure Premium trim adds a five-camera surround-view system, navigation, adaptive xenon headlights and a 17-speaker audio system. From there buyers can move up to either the sporty Dynamic Premium or the luxurious Prestige Premium trims, each offering a variety of interior and exterior upgrades. Lastly, the optional Adaptive Dynamics system serves to improve ride and handling by way of magneto-rheological dampers that continually adjust their firmness.

Land Rover Austin offers a wide selection of new, used and certified pre-owned Land Rovers to choose from. Whether you are looking to buy or lease, Land Rover of Austin has the friendly and helpful staff to assist you with your Land Rover or Range Rover vehicle purchase. Flexible financing solutions, service plans, and extended warranties are all available for the convenience of their customers, making Land Rover of Austin a one-stop-shop for all of your vehicle needs.  Call, click, or stop by the Land Rover Austin showroom located at 1515 W. 5th Street and take the 2012 Range Rover Evoque for a test drive, or schedule a climb on Land Rover of Austin’s Rock Course!

Come by Land Rover of Austin today and see why the Range Rover Evoque was named the ‘2012 SUV of the Year’!

Certified Pre-Owned vs. Used Vehicles

So, you are in the market for a vehicle? Well, if you are considering a certified pre-owned automobile you are probably wondering what is the difference between pre-owned and certified pre-owned? Is the certification worth the extra money? For many people, certified used cars have become affordable alternatives to new cars. So what is a certified pre-owned vehicle? What has to happen for a vehicle to fall into the ‘Certified’ category versus a regular pre-owned automobile? When shopping for a high quality used vehicle it is important to understand the differences between a certified vehicle and a regular used car.

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles:

A certified pre-owned car is a vehicle that has been put through a certification program by the manufacturer of the vehicle. Meaning, an automobile is put through a certification process backed by the manufacturer, including a rigorous 100-point inspection of the automobile. (Click here to read more on Land Rover’s Select Certified Pre-Owned program)

 If the car is found deficient in any area or if any problems are found, the factory-trained technicians will either recondition the vehicle to bring it up to certification standards or disqualify the car from the program. If the vehicle passes, it is then given an extended warranty backed by the original vehicle manufacturer beyond the initial “when new” coverage.

The original manufacturer of the vehicle is using its dealer network to inspect the car, determine if it is worth certifying and then offer support for the vehicle for a period of time beyond the original warranty. It is important to remember, not all used cars can qualify for certified pre-owned programs, and terms vary from one brand to the next. The certified warranty protection typically takes effect when the original warranty expires and, similar to a new car warranty, offers coverage for a certain number of years or miles, whichever comes first.

It is important to consider all of your options when looking for a used vehicle. Which is why we at Land Rover Austin in Austin,Texas encourage you to research and make sure you are getting the right car that fits your particular needs. In the case of certified pre-owned vehicles, the peace of mind that the inspection provides in addition to an extended warranty will often make the extra money well worth it.

Used Cars:

If you decided to pass on the certified pre-owned vehicle and stick with a basic used car it is important that at the very least you get a report on the vehicle you are considering. You will need the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) so be sure to jot that down on any vehicles you are seriously considering. It is also a good idea to look into a used car warranty as well. Going to a well known, reputable dealer such as Land Rover Austin (BBB Accredited) can also make a big difference.

Bottom Line:

When looking for pre-owned cars there can be a lot of different options out there, so it is important to remember to do your research. A certified pre-owned car is a vehicle that has been carefully inspected by the manufacturer and is sold with an extended warranty. The peace of mind and extended warranty is often worth the additional price of a certified pre-owned vehicle.

So the benefits of purchasing a certified pre-owned car versus a used car may be an obvious choice for some, but it really depends on the individual customer. Land Rover of Austin carries a selection of both Used and certified pre-owned vehicle Inventory to choose from, along with excellent customer service and automotive expertise.

Land Rover Austin can help find just the right vehicle to fit each individual customer’s needs. Land Rover Austin also offers vehicle financing, leasing options, generous trade-in values, service plans and extended vehicle warranties for that extra peace of mind. So, whether you are looking for a used or certified pre-owned automobile Land Rover Austin, located at 1515 W. 5th Street in Austin, Texas guarantees customers a great car buying experience.

Certified Pre-Owned Land Rovers

When you purchase a certified pre-owned Land Rover from Land Rover Austin, luxury, capability and confidence are yours. Land Rover Austin takes great pride in their uncompromising approach to safety and performance. Click or scroll down to view Land Rover Austin’s certified pre-owned Inventory.

–          Exterior: Santorini Black Metallic

–          Interior: Ebony

–          Transmission: Automatic

–          Engine: 5.oL Supercharged V8 Engine

–          Mileage: 32,360


–          Exterior: Buckingham Blue Metallic

–          Interior: Ebony

–          Transmission: Automatic

–          Engine: 4.4L V8 Engine

–          Mileage: 18,553


–          Exterior: Rimini Red

–          Interior: Ebony

–          Transmission: Automatic

–          Engine: 4.2L Supercharged V8 Engine

–          Mileage: 39,971


·         2008 Range Rover Sport Supercharged

–          Exterior: Stornoway Grey

–          Interior: Alpaca

–          Transmission: Automatic

–          Engine: 4.2L Supercharged V8 Engine

–          Mileage: 33,692


·         2008 Range Rover Sport Supercharged

–          Exterior: Stornoway Grey

–          Interior: Ebony

–          Transmission: Automatic

–          Engine: 4.2L Supercharged V8 Engine

–          Mileage: 50,455


There is an increasing market for used Land Rover vehicles that have been put through a certified pre-owned program. These vehicles give the consumer a chance to buy the latest models, often only two or three years old, at big savings compared to a new model.
Certified pre-owned Land Rovers typically have low mileage, are in excellent condition, and have been put through a rigorous battery of tests that are monitored by the manufacturer. The majority of certified Land Rovers have just come off-lease, from factory auctions, trade-in’s, or rental fleets. Simply put, a certified pre-owned Land Rover vehicle is a great substitute to buying new.  With built-in guarantees, low mileage and exceptional value you can’t go wrong. Be sure to ask about Land Rover of Austin’s inventory specials, flexible financing options, leasing, service plans and extended vehicle warranties . Hurry in to Land Rover Austin, located at 1515 W. 5th Street and test drive a new or certified pre-owned Land Rover today!



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The most broadly talented luxury SUV of its kind, the 2013 Range Rover Sport is plush, quick, rugged, authentic and available now at Land Rover of Austin! With the new Range Rover Sport comes unmatched class, sophistication, cutting edge technology, unsurpassed performance and better fuel efficiency than ever before.

Outside, the 2013 Range Rover Sport is offered in five new colors, including Barolo, Barossa, Causeway, Havana and Mariana. Five-spoke, turbine-style alloy wheels are a new option for 2013 and those choosing the Sport Supercharged model will get red-painted Brembo brake calipers.

Inside, new trim combinations feature a dark upper cabin with lighter-colored seats, or a lighter upper cabin with dark seats. There’s a new carbon veneer package available, which gives the interior of the 2013 Range Rover Sport a contemporary look.  The 2013 Range Rover Sport houses a world-class entertainment system, now with more power and the latest digital technology with available features such as the Harmon Kardon audio systems and the 7-inch, Dual View touchscreen infotainment center.

Power for the Sport comes from the Jaguar-Land Rover 5.0-liter V-8, with or without supercharging. The Range Rover Sport pushes out 375 horsepower and 375 pound-feet; with supercharging, it howls out 510 horsepower and 461 pound-feet of torque. Brisk acceleration in base form (0-60 mph in about 7.2 seconds) becomes stunning in supercharged models, dropping to a scant 5.9 seconds. With either drive train, the Sport gets a brainy all-wheel-drive system and a six-speed automatic transmission.  Outfitted as such, the Sport makes its talents known in the mud as well as it does in corners. It’s truly surprising how tenaciously it clings to the road and how deep a stream it can ford.

The new 2013 Range Rover Sport doesn’t disappoint. From its class to performance this new Range Rover stands true to the already remarkable Land Rover name.  Land Rover of Austin also provides customers a variety of New, Used and Certified Pre-Owned Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles to choose from.   Land Rover of Austin is committed to upholding the Land Rover standard of excellence and allowing customers access to their unsurpassed industry knowledge and expertise.  Proud to offer Austin and the surrounding Texas area luxurious Land Rover SUVs at unbeatable prices, lexible financing options, generous trade in values, interactive specials for service and parts with unmatched customer service.

Call, Click or stop by Land Rover of Austin, located at 1515 W.5th Street in Austin and test drive the new 2013 Range Rover Sport today! 

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