Keeping Your Land Rover In-Tune

new Land Rover, Range Rover dealer, Land Rover Austin, Austin, TexasWhen your car is properly tuned, the ignition system, fuel system, emission system and computer system are all working together. This results in peak combustion chamber efficiency, saving you money at the gas pump and making sure your car is emitting a minimum amount of pollutants.  Here at Land Rover Austin in Austin, Texas, our highly trained service professionals are the best in the business when it comes to fine tuning your vehicle, and we are here to make sure your Land Rover runs with maximum efficiency and reliability at all times, and for many years to come.

 A tune up should involve replacing the air filter, replacing or cleaning the spark plugs, and replacing the distributor cap and rotor. A tune up can also include replacement of the spark plug wires, fuel filter, PCV valve, engine belts and oxygen sensor.

 Our service team here at Land Rover Austin in Austin, Texas, highly recommends that you bring your Land Rover in to see us if you notice any of the following issues:

  • You feel the engine vibrating or it stalls out
  • You notice a sudden decrease in gas mileage
  • You feel a loss in power or acceleration
  • You can feel vibrations or knocking sounds while driving
  • The check engine light comes on after you start your car and remains on while driving
  • You notice unfamiliar smells coming from the engine, such as exposed oil or burnt rubber.  

 Usually a tune up is done every 2 years or 30,000 miles, but depending on the make and model of your car and how new or old it is, you may need one more or less frequently so check your owner’s manual or give our service department a call here at Land Rover Austin in Austin, Texas.   We look forward to servicing your Land Rover or Range Rover soon, and feel free to call our service department to speak with any one of our highly knowledgeable advisors, should you have any questions regarding the maintenance and tuning-up of your vehicle.  


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Don’t Let the Winter Break You Down

new, pre-owned Land Rover, Ranger Rover dealer, Land Rover Austin, Austin, TexasAt Land Rover Austin here in Austin, Texas, we want to make sure that you have double checked all the important components on your car so that you will be well prepared for the upcoming winter months.  

Snow, ice and sleet can definitely lead to scary road conditions, so taking the necessary precautions and learning to be a more alert and observant driver can help ensure your safety out there on those slippery roads this winter.  

First and foremost, make sure you examine the tread on all four of your tires for thin or uneven wear and have them replaced if necessary.  Check the air pressure as well to ensure the best traction for your vehicle.    You may want to also invest in some kind of “winter tire” to help you through the snow and ice.   If you are unsure what tires you might need for your car or truck, you can give us a call here at Land Rover Austin here in Austin, Texas and we can recommend a good set of tires for you.

Being able to see out your front windshield is obviously extremely vital, so check your wiper blades and replace them if they show any signs of cracking or stiffness.   Also use an ice scraper to rid your windshield of ice rather than using your wipers as this may damage them.   Be sure to check the level of your windshield washer reservoir and keep it filled with a solution that includes some type of antifreeze agent.   Also remember to run the AC when defrosting or defogging your windshield.   You can set the temperature for whatever you like, but by running the compressor you dehumidify the air which makes it a lot easier to defrost the glass so you can see better. 

Keeping the fluids throughout your car and engine maintained is crucial during the colder months, so make sure you check your antifreeze, oil and other fluids to prevent internal damage to your car.  Also be sure to try and keep your gas tank at least halfway full to help prevent a freeze.  

Our winters here in Texas can sometimes be harsh and extremely unpredictable, so make sure you and your vehicle are well prepared for the roads ahead.   Should you have any questions or need any kind of recommendations regarding proper winter equipment or tools you need, then don’t hesitate to call us here at Land Rover Austin here in Austin, Texas to speak with any one of our highly trained staff members.    Our main concern for you is your safety, so take care out there on the roads this winter season and we look forward to seeing you in our showroom soon to gaze upon our always impressive collection of new and used Land Rovers and other dependable pre-owned vehicles. 

Tire Check

tire safety, new, pre-owned luxury cars, Land Rover Austin, Austin, Texas Tires make your “car-go-round”, and making sure that they are always looked after and kept in good condition is essential when considering not only the well being of your vehicle, but of yourself and your fellow occupants as well.   Each and every one of us here at Land Rover Austin in Austin, Texas want you and your loved ones to be safe out there on the city streets and country highways, so here are a few reminders to help you out when it comes to dealing with proper tire maintenance.

  • Tire Pressure – When checking the pressure, make sure the tires are cool.  It is normal for tires to heat up and the inflation pressure inside to increase as you drive.  If you overfill the tire, you can release air by pushing on the metal stem in the center of the valve.  Make sure you check the inflation pressure on your tires at least once a month and especially before long road trips.   Check the owner’s manual for the proper inflation levels, or give call us here at in Land Rover Austin in Austin, Texas and we will happily assist you with all of your tire questions and needs.
  • Tire Rotation – Your tires should be rotated approximately every 5,000 miles and doing so will increase the life of each tire.   If your tires show uneven wear, ask your tire dealer to check for and correct any misalignment, imbalance or other mechanical problem involved before rotation. Be aware that sometimes front and rear tires use different pressures. After rotation, adjust the tire inflation pressure to the figures recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. 
  • Tire Tread –  Maintaining uniform treadwear usually prolongs the performance of your tires and reduces wheel vibration along with many other issues.   If you notice that the tread is worn down, then it’s time for a new tire.  So be sure to keep an eye on your “wear bars”, and make sure no nails or other objects are embedded in the tire.  Consult your tire dealer or call our service department as soon as possible if you see any problems.

 At Land Rover Austin in Austin, Texas, we have the most highly knowledgeable sales and service teams in the industry, along with the finest lineup of new and pre-owned Land Rovers.   So come down and see us today, or visit us online
to check out our current inventory.   We hope to see you on our showroom floor soon!

Fuel Saving Pointers

fuel saving, Land Rover Austin, new Land Rover dealer, Austin TexasWhen you are the proud owner of a luxury car or SUV such as the ones sold here at Land Rover Austin in the heart of Austin Texas, sometimes your wallet suffers due to the fluctuation of gas prices these days.  You want your eyes staring straight ahead while behind the wheel and not constantly gazing at your fuel level, so here are a few tips that will ensure that you save some dollars the next time you visit the gas pump.

Having the correct amount of pressure in your tires is a very important and often overlooked factor when it comes to fuel economy.  Tires lose air due to temperature (about 1 psi for every 10 degree drop); and time (about 1 psi per month).   Underinflated tires can increase how much gas your car consumes due to resistance.   If you are unsure of how much psi your tires need, check your owner’s manual or give us a call at Land Rover Austin in Austin Texas and speak with one of our highly trained service advisors.

Try and use cruise control if at all possible and not slam on the pedal as much.  Also try leaving the house a little earlier so that you aren’t speeding and rushing to beat those early morning commuters.  Not only will you be safer being the wheel by not speeding, but you will also save an exorbitant amount of gas work-week in and week out. . 

Try not to burden you car with a heavy load.  The more weight you have in your car, the more output it needs to perform, so try doing a clean-out of all bulky items in the backseat and trunk. 

Be sure to change your motor oil on time and your engine will thank you for it.  It will operate with less resistance, which means less fuel will be consumed.   Invest in high-quality motor oil and keep up to date with the recommended oil changes for your vehicle.

If you live in a nice climate, then practice turning off the air and rolling your windows down.   The more your compressor is used, the more gas will be eaten up, so if possible try connecting with mother nature a bit more and enjoy the breeze.

All of us here at Land Rover Austin in Austin, Texas, want to help save you money as well as time, and by practicing these simple fuel saving tips we can guarantee that you will notice an increase in both.   Be sure to visit us online or stop by our dealership to talk with one of our highly knowledgeable and professional sales staff regarding the purchase or finance of your next Land Rover today! 

Don’t Leave Home Without It

emergency kit, Land Rover Austin, Austin TexasOur staff here at Land Rover Austin in Austin, Texas, want you to always be prepared out there on the roads should an unexpected emergency arise, so here are some important and highly useful items that you should always keep on-hand inside your vehicle should you ever become stranded.

  • First Aid Kit – Make sure this is fully stocked in case something happens to you or your fellow passengers.  You never know how far you might be from a hospital.
  • Flashlight – Always smart to have a flashlight with fresh batteries ready should you be get stuck at night.
  • Spare Tire/Fix-a Flat – Be sure to check that your spare is fully inflated, and keep some fix-a-flat cans with you so that you can get yourself to a service station in case you find a tire leak.
  • Road Flares – Keep a few 15-minute burning road flares in your trunk in case you need to change a tire or flag someone down for help at night.
  • Cell Phone/Charger –  These items are vital to have with you, especially a phone charger in case you are stuck for a long period of time and your cell runs out of juice.
  • Owner’s Manual – Making sure this is always kept in your glove-box is a smart thing.  It provides a lot of useful information that may help get you back on the road.
  • Bottled Water/Snacks – You don’t know how long you might be stranded, so make sure you keep plenty of water and dry food items stocked in your car at all times.
  • Maps/GPS System – If your car or phone does not come equipped with a GPS/Navigation system, then be sure to have a road map with you in case you end up taking the wrong turn out there.   And if you are interested in having a Navigation system installed, then give us a call or stop by our dealership here at Land Rover Austin in Austin, Texas, so we can discuss getting your equipped with one.
  • Jumper Cables – Finding out you have a dead battery is never a fun feeling, so be sure you keep a set of jumper cables in your car at all times and be sure that your battery is in good operating condition.  

 Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the specific brands, or types of safety equipment/tools etc, then do not hesitate to contact us here at Land Rover Austin in Austin, Texas, so one of our highly trained and knowledgeable staff members can assist you.   Be safe and take care out there on the roads, and we look forward to seeing you in our showroom soon to check us out our 2013 lineup of Land Rovers and Range Rovers, as well as our other pre-owned luxury vehicles!