Introducing “Bike Sense”

Jaguar Land Rover has decided to undertake a new task to help protect our fellow cyclists out there on the open roads.   A range of new technologies are being researched for “Bike Sense” that will allow colors, sounds and touch inside the car to alert drivers to potential hazards and prevent accidents involving bicycles and motorbikes.

If a bicycle or motorbike is coming up the road behind the Land Rover, Bike Sense, using lights and sounds, will alert the driver if it is overtaking or coming past the vehicle on the inside, and the top of the car seat will extend to “tap” the driver on the left or right shoulder. The idea is that the driver will then instinctively look over their shoulder to identify the potential hazard.

As the cyclist gets closer to the car, an array of LED lights on the window sills, dashboard and windscreen pillars will glow amber and then red as the bike approaches. The movement of these red and amber lights across these surfaces will also highlight the direction the bike is taking.  The audio system will also make it sound as if a bicycle bell or motorbike horn is coming through the speaker nearest the bike, so the driver immediately understands the direction the cyclist is coming from.

Bike Sense would also be able to identify hazards that the driver cannot see. If a pedestrian or cyclist is crossing the road, and they are obscured by a stationary vehicle for example, the car’s sensors will detect this and draw the driver’s attention to the hazard using directional light and sound.

Dr. Wolfgang Epple, Director of Research and Technology, Jaguar Land Rover, said: “Bike Sense takes us beyond the current technologies of hazard indicators and icons in wing mirrors, to optimizing the location of light, sound and touch to enhance this intuition. This creates warnings that allow a faster cognitive reaction as they engage the brain’s instinctive responses. If you see the dashboard glowing red in your peripheral vision, you will be drawn to it and understand straight away that another road user is approaching that part of your vehicle.”

To learn more about Bike Sense and to view our 2015 lineup of new and pre-owned Land Rovers, then feel free to visit us online or in person at Land Rover Austin in the heart of Austin, Texas.

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Today’s Special – The Evoque NW8

Well it looks as though Land Rover USA decided to take advantage of the Montreal Auto Show in Canada this month to reveal the third model in the British landmark inspired lineup of special edition models, aptly named the NW8.evoque2

The Range Rover Evoque NW8 takes its inspiration from the postcode in North West London, UK, that has been at the heart of the city’s creative scene since the Sixties and is home to the world famous Abbey Road.  The NW8 is derived from the Dynamic model, and complements the existing SW1 Monochrome and SW1 Color special editions.

The exterior of the NW8 is exclusively available in Fuji White paintwork with a distinctive Firenze Red Contrast Roof and matching red door mirror caps. The lettering is also in red, the 20-inch alloys are in Narvik black, and other accents include darkened head- and fog lights, clear rear lights and Santorini black wing vents.

On the interior, customers have the choice of either Taurus leather Ebony seats with Pimento perforated inserts, or Ebony seats with perforated Ebony inserts.  Also found lurking inside are embroidered headrests and an Anodised Red rotary Driver Selector with matching CommandShiftTM gearshift paddles or, on manual models, a white gearlever insert with red graphics.evoque

Like the standard four-wheel drive Evoque, the NW8 comes with a 2.0-liter gas engine that puts out 236 horses and 251 lb-ft of torque and is mated to a smooth shifting, nine-speed automatic transmission.

Land Rover Design Director and Chief Creative Officer, Gerry McGovern, said: “Our customers love to personalize their vehicles to reflect their own characters and the Evoque NW8 provides another opportunity for them to make a statement. Its bold combination of colors makes it the most individual of our ‘Inspired by Britain’ special editions.”

There will only be 1,000 examples of the special edition NW8 produced, so if you are keen to get your hands wrapped around the steering wheel of this unique and opulent SUV then we encourage you to give us a call at Land Rover Austin and we will try and work some magic for you.

A Farewell And Celebration For Defender

Land Rover Austin is joining the rest of the off-road world in bidding a fond farewell to the rugged and iconic Defender, descendent of the original, Series I Land Rover, which will go off sale this year.  But first the company is celebrating the car’s long-lived life with the introduction of a trio of special edition Defenders!defender

First up is the Heritage Edition, which is inspired by early Land Rover models. It features green paintwork, a contrasting white roof, a retro front grille design and HUE 166 graphics, which recall the registration plate of the first ever pre-production Land Rover, nicknamed ‘Huey’.   There will be 400 examples of the Heritage will be offered in the UK.

The Autobiography Edition promises more performance, comfort and luxury than any previous Defender with its unique two-tone paintwork, full leather upholstery and Defender’s 2.2-liter diesel engine that has been given a power upgrade from 121 hp to 148. Just 80 of these cars will be available in the UK.

Finally, there’s the Adventure Edition, which is said to embrace the Defender’s ‘go anywhere, do anything’ attitude. It comes fitted with additional underbody protection and Goodyear MT/R off-road tires, while the interior is trimmed in leather and the exterior features unique decals.  A total of 600 Adventure Editions will available to UK buyers.defender2

Nick Rogers, Land Rover Vehicle Line Director, said: “We wanted to mark the end of Defender production at Solihull with a special edition but coming up with a single identity was impossible, so we developed three very different interpretations of the car to reflect its strength and breadth of character.”

The 3 special edition Defenders will unfortunately not be making their way overseas to the U.S., however, if you have the means and the money then you might just be able to get your hands on one of these beauties.

Call Land Rover Austin in Austin, Texas today to find out more and to see if we can possibly assist in landing you behind the wheel of one of these rare and soon-to-be infamous machines.