Jaguar Land Rover Wins 5 ALG Residual Value Awards

The ALG is a group that specializes in automotive residual value projections in North America. They analyze almost 2,500 vehicles every year to determine residual value. This is determined by analyzing used car inventory, brand strength, macroeconomic conditions, incentive spending, and pricing. ALG is the standard for residual values and depreciation data.

The annual ALG Residual Value Awards strive to recognize automakers for their incredible achievements for vehicles that are predicted to have the highest percentage of their original price after three years. ALG Residual Value Awards are handed out in 26 different categories and the two brands that are predicted to have the highest overall residual values among mainstream and premium vehicles.

land-rovera-november-3Jaguar Land Rover has proudly brought home five 2016 ALG Residual Value Awards.

Land Rover was awarded the Premium Brand Award and three 2017 Land Rover vehicles were awarded category leaders. The Discovery Sport came away as the Best Premium Compact Utility, the Range Rover Sport came away as the Best Premium Full-Size Utility, and the Range Rover Sport came away with the Best Premium Mid-Size Utility.

The Jaguar XE was also recognized, winning the Best Premium Mid-Size vehicle

“It is an honor to have Land Rover named Best Premium Brand by ALG for the third consecutive year,” Kim McCullough, Vice President of Marketing for Jaguar Land Rover North America, says, “Also having the Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Discovery Sport and the Jaguar XE all awarded as ALG category winners is a testament to the quality, design, innovation, and value that our two iconic brands offer to customers.”

Most impressive, the Range Rover Sport won the Best Premium Mid-Size Utility category for the tenth year in a row.

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BAR Team Visits Sumo Wrestlers

The Land Rover BAR sailing team recently visited the Kokonoe Beya Sumo Stable in Fukuoka, Japan ahead of the final regatta for the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series title.

Sumo wrestling is one of the oldest sports in the world, dating back to AD 794. The Land Rover BAR sailing team were able to join the wrestlers as they went through their morning warm-up session and then were able to take part in a few one-on-one bouts as the wrestlers prepared for a tournament later the same day.

“We’ve been honored to meet some of the best sumo wrestlers in the whole of Japan. Unbelievably huge guys,” says David ‘Freddie’ Car, Floater, “They’re wrestling at like 60 percent today because they’ve got a championship wrestle tonight. To see was phenomenal and then to be allowed in at the end and try and do a few basic moves with them just goes to show how weak we are compared to those fellows they were unbelievable athletes, and very humble. I feel very lucky to have seen what we saw today.

Giles Scott, Tactician for Land Rover BAR, continues, “It was a real honor to be invited into the Sumo Stable here today in Fukuoka to meet the athletes as they prepare for the tournament. I did not appreciate just how strong these guys are: it’s like running hear-on into a brick wall. The two sports are complete extremes, but the mental preparation and focus is very similar. It was unique and unforgettable experience to be allowed inside the inner sanctum of the sport.”

After meeting with the wrestlers the Land Rover BAR sailing team made an offering, keeping with the Japanese culture and tradition, at a local Shinto Shrine. The team asked for good luck and weather for their upcoming race.

The winner of the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series gets two points (the equivalent of two wins) that will carry over into the next stage of the competition, the America’s Cup Final, set to kick off in Bermuda in May of 2017.

Collins Dominates Inferno Course

Land Rover has really put their Range Rover Sport to the test. Ben Collins, professional racer and driver, drove the Range Rover Sport 15 kilometers down the Schilthorn mountain in Murren, Switzerland. This course is used for the legendary Inferno Cross Country Ski Race. Collins started at 2,970 meters and finished at 800 meters.

“The Inferno course is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It is an unique thing. It’s got a fantastic place in history as an ultimate skiing challenge. I am honored to have driven it,” Collins says. “The Schilthorn is not designed for cars. It’s designed for skiers to go down really really fast, insane skiers. There’s no race track like it. It’s a huge long stretch, 15 kilometers of completely hostile territory.”

“The thing I definitely had on my side was the confidence in the machine. On the surface it looks like its really sleek inside this machine, which it is, but it exceeded any expectation I had of what a Range Rover Sport could do. I drove it the way it should be driven, which is flat out, top to bottom.”

At the top of the mountain, where is he was going 75 mph on 75% gradient (steeper than many black ski runs), Collins had to manage ice and sleet. Once he neared the bottom fog set in and he had to deal with wet grass. Here is got up to 96 mph.

You might assume Land Rover made many modifications to the vehicle for it to complete the course without crashing, but Phil Jones, Land Rover’s Experience Manager, describes exactly what changes were made for this stunt to happen, “It’s a production vehicle. The only thing we’ve done to it is put a roll cage in, for obvious safety reasons, we put a slightly stronger tire on it, and also disconnected the airbags because of the roll cage in the vehicle. Apart from that it is completely standard.”

Collins was in awe of how well the Range Rover Sport handled the drive.

“I was completely blown away,” Collins describes, “This thing is built for a challenge and conditions like this, and it was just incredible to see that pushed to the max. I just can’t imagine any other standard car would have got to the bottom.”

It is obvious the Range Rover Sport was built to withstand every condition.

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