Discovery Sport Vital for Christmas Cabin

This Holiday Season, a very special old friend asked Land Rover for help with a little project. He needed a cabin built in a secret location so he could rest during his travels on Christmas Eve. It needed to withstand freezing temperatures, and be cozy enough for a festive getaway.

Mads Lindstrom, the architect of the wilderness cabin, describes it as “somewhere to sleep and somewhere to rest” and “where you can put your luggage and kind of a base for your trip”.

The cabin was to be built in pieces and then transported to the secret location. Obviously, the Land Rover Discovery Sport was the perfect vehicle for the job. It’s size and ability to conquer all terrains was just what Land Rover needed to get the job done.

“When we first received the brief we knew it was going to be a challenge, but immediately we looked at the Discovery Sport because of the load space,” Land Rover Engineer, Muhammed Malik states. “I was confident that the wilderness cabin would fit in.”

Climber and adventurer Kenton Cool knows a thing or two about camping out in the freezing temperatures. He has climbed Mount Everest twelve times. He took a look over the cabin design to make sure it would stand up in the freezing wilderness.

“Our VIP guest is going to spend an awful lot of time probably getting very cold. Having looked around the cabin here today, you take it out in the wild it’s going to be totally fit for purpose. If I came across one of these I’d think it was Christmas come early.”

With the seven seats we wanted sliding seats as well so you can have an extra 160 ml at your boot space for your family holiday,” Helen Ali, Land Rover Engineer, states, “or in this case to take a wilderness cabin on an adventure.”

With the Discovery Sport’s help, the cabin was built and ready to go for Land Rover’s old friend on Christmas Eve. All for a good Claus!

Happy Holidays from Land Rover Austin!

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Road Tripping with Jonas Bendiksen

Land Rover has teamed up with renowned photographer, Jonas Bendiksen, to create a series of works entitled “Ultimate Vistas.” These photographs will feature incredible landscapes by Bendiksen while using the Range Rover to transport him from place to place.

Bendiksen, a native Norwegian, started the series out by photographing his home country. The intelligent technology, Terrain Response 2, of the Range Rover allowed him to reach outstanding vantage points that are usually unaccessible. The Terrain Response 2 automatically chooses the best of its driving modes that will best suit the terrain the vehicle is currently driving on. It also makes sure the optimal vehicle’s settings are selected.

During Part 1 of the Ultimate Vistas series, Bendiksen drove from Oslo through the Dovre Mountains.

“After photographing Dovre, I drove to westwards to Trollstigen,” Bendiksen says. “One of the great things about doing this trip entirely by road is that I can stop anywhere I want. If I see something that interests me I can pull up, jump out and go check it out.”

“It’s a fantastic drive to go on because the landscape changes all the time. You take one turn and head up into the next valley, and who knows what golden nuggets of a view might be waiting for you around the corner.”

“It’s almost annoying to be looking for the greatest landscape because you see something and go ‘oh wow, I have to photograph it’ so you jump out of the car and you start taking a picture and you drive five more minutes and it kind of one-ups that one and goes ‘woah, that’s really incredible.’ “

When Bendiksen finally reached Trollstigen the sun was starting to set so it was difficult to take good photographs. Then, while looking down upon the mountain, Bendiksen had a great idea for a photograph. He took a long exposure picture a car driving on the road below, resulting in something incredible. Watch the video to see.

“I took pictures for 10 to 15 minutes and then a car came driving up this road, painting the road with headlights. In a way, I saw a solution to take a picture where you could really see the road in its entirety, and, at the same time, look nice.”

Range Rover SVR Takes on North Carolina Mountains

Photographer, Kyle Kuiper, recently took the Range Rover Sport SVR on an expedition through the North Carolina mountains. The Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina are home to some incredible views and lovely fall foliage. They are also home to a famous roadway called the Tail of the Dragon.

Kuiper took the Tail of the Dragon, starting in Tallahassee, Tennessee, and taking 318 turns and driving a little over 11 miles, he ended in Robbinsville, North Carolina. There are not any stoplights or intersections on the Tail of the Dragon, just the road through the beautiful wilderness.

After successfully completing the Tail of the Dragon, Kuiper went on a hunt to locate a special bear. A bear shadow appears every Mid-October through early November for 30 minutes on sunny evenings. The best place to see the “Shadow of the Bear” is at Rhodes Big View Overlook, located at an elevation of 5,000 ft just off of U.S. Highway 64 in Cashier, North Carolina.

“As the shadow progresses the shape of a bear appears in the midst of the gorgeous fall colors of the trees of the valley,” Kuiper remembers. “It only appeared for a short time, and as we stood and watched more and more people gathered to see it.”

Once Kuiper enjoyed the “Shadow of the Bear” he took off in the Range Rover Sport SVR once more. This time he went North on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

“The stretch of the parkway from Asheville is especially beautiful as you gain elevation and can enjoy views on both sides of the road,” he said. “The hundreds of miles along the Blue Ridge parkway were dotted with every color imaginable of fall. Around every curve, we were treated to amazing views and spectacular colors.”

Through every challenge of driving through the mountains, the Range Rover Sport SVR stood up to the test.

If you are interested in learning more about the Range Rover Sport SVR contact us at Land Rover Austin today!