Land Rover Passion Never Dies

When lifelong Land Rover fan, Geoff Cooper’s, 80th birthday was coming up, his daughter Wendy Fisher, wanted to do something extra special for such a special birthday for a special man.

Wendy explains, “We were just coming up to my dad’s 80th birthday, and I had the idea that it would be lovely to do something for him and wanted to link it to a passion of his. Land Rover is definitely in the blood. They’ve been in the family’s life ever since I can remember, so I wrote to Land Rover and never really expected to get the response that I did. This, for me, is just about doing something really special for somebody really special.”

In response to Fisher’s letter, Land Rover surprised her dad, Geoff, with a special Land Rover Experience off-roading experience with instructor.

“Dad’s relationship with Land Rover started before I was born,” Wendy continues, “[Her parents] had a really old Land Rover and he was able to Land Rover trial with it.”

“My first actual memory of it was when I was four, and we started to go away as a family to the Land Rover trial weekends.”

Geoff recalls a time during one trial when he got stuck in a tree. He was sure the crowd was just as amused as he was.

In addition to the special Land Rover Experience off-roading experience, Land Rover brought along Land Rover Reborn Car 0 for Geoff to view and hopefully bring back memories of his trial days. Land Rover even gifted Geoff a bowler hat, something he was known for wearing during the trials.

“He had a trademark of wearing a bowler hat. I think it almost became a sort of good luck charm as well. It was something he wouldn’t compete without, “ Wendy reminisces, “I look back extremely fondly on those times. Just time with friends and family as well as his great passion with the Land Rovers.”

“This is hopefully my contribution to celebrating a wonderful 80 years and hopefully still some more to come.”

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Land Rover Goes the Extra Mile

Land Rover has always been committed to serving. They have partnered with the Red Cross for 64 years and have worked together on many projects across 4 continents in 24 countries. In 2017, Land Rover wanted to do something more to assist the Red Cross, so they launched Project Hero. Project Hero is a unique version of the all-new Land Rover Discovery.

“This supremely capable vehicle is enhanced by the team of designers and engineers at Special Vehicle Operations through the integration of advanced drone technology,” John Edwards, Managing Director Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations, said.

David Wran-Schume is a part of the Operations and Disaster Management for the Austrian Red Cross. He has been with the Red Cross for 11 years. He and his team were able to test the special version of the Land Rover Discovery.

“We’re up here to test the new Discovery with the drone and to identify how it would fit into the team and what role it can play,” Wran-Schume said. “A few years ago, I couldn’t imagine having access to this technology and being a part of this project.”

“There is a lot of technology packed into the new Discovery, it makes it a lot easier to clear communication channels so that everybody is linked up and ready to go. We get the chance to identify signs of missing people around hazards that can harm our personnel involved.”

The drone built into the new Discovery even comes equipped with infrared technology. Wran-Schume continues, “Infrared camera technology is really useful because you can identify heat sources.”

“For me all these ingredients, the technology, the new discovery, and our own expertise coming together would make a big difference and may ultimately save lives. This could mark the start of a new era in search and rescue.”

Land Rover believes that saving lives is “a duty, a privilege, one of the greatest things one human-being can do for another.” By partnering with the Red Cross to bring them this unique version of the new Discovery, Land Rover is hoping that many more lives are saved.

A Land Rover Legacy

Photographer, Alex Strohl, spent his childhood on adventures with his father in their family Land Rover.

Strohl’s father worked as a forest engineer throughout Southern Europe and North Africa. He often worked in difficult terrain and hard to reach places. He used his Land Rover to ensure he was able to get his job done. The first Land Rover Strohl’s father owned was a Land Rover Defender 110 (then a Land Rover Santana, produced only in Spain).

When Strohl heard the Land Rover Defender was being discontinued in 2015, he bought one of his own within 2 weeks. Strohl was drawn to the Defender’s simple and rugged charm.

“It drives how it looks and that roughness resembles the access it creates – the work it can accomplish,” Strohl said. “I love the fact that it makes no statement about your life situation. Whether you are a stock trader living in Manhattan or a sheep farmer off the coast of Scotland, this car will suit you.”

Last year Strohl and his partner, Andrea, worked on a project called ‘Alternative Living’ where they drove their Defender 110 through Europe. They explored some of the most remote settlements throughout the Alps and the Lofoten Islands in Norway. The Defender assisted them in reaching these hard to reach areas and worked as their lodging for three months. Their goal for the project, in addition to exploring remote areas of Europe, was to really connect with the people and places they encountered. The Defender allowed them to do just that.

Early summer of 2016, Strohl and Andrea bought their second Land Rover vehicle, a Land Rover Discovery Sport, to lay down some roots in Whitefish, Montana. By the end of 2016, Strohl and Andrea has put over 20,000 miles on their Discovery Sport by driving it to Alaska, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. The Discovery Sport excelled on every unique terrain and condition.

Strohl hopes to keep his father’s legacy of adventure going when he has his own kids someday. Hopefully he will be able to inspire them with travels, memories, and photographs, and Land Rover will be right there to take them there.