Jaguar Moving Forward with Electrification

Jaguar Land Rover is now fully onboard with the electrification movement as they announced there will be a deadline where all new production vehicles with either be a hybrid or fully electric.

Last November the brand revealed their plans to phase out diesel and petrol vehicles along with the 2032 requisite by the Scottish government. Being based in the UK was a part of this choice as JLR vowed for all new models for 2020 and on will have some form of electric motor.

The only consequence that may come with the rapid electrification would be the autonomous vehicles that drive themselves. The problem from an economic perspective is that this could potentially put hundreds of thousands of people out of jobs.

Tesla and BMW may have caught the wave earlier on introducing electric vehicle models but Jaguar Land Rover certainly isn’t slowing down anytime soon. The brand is moving away from diesel and petrol with the high emissions and focusing on battery-powered cars. Jaguar Land Rover’s I-PACE will offer a range of 310 miles on electric power which positions it to compete with other luxury hybrid vehicles.

Not only have they announced their electrification plans publically, but JLR has registered a number of trademark names that indicate their plans are solidified. They will continue to create the existing lineup of diesel and petrol vehicles in 2020 where there will be a hard switch to electric vehicles.

What does this mean for the future of Land Rover?

We don’t have all of the details yet but they are slowly releasing tidbits that there will be new members coming to the Jaguar Land Rover family. The brand has dropped a few hints and blueprints at various auto shows that reflected the continuing sophistication of design.

Ian Callum’s team never fails to surprise consumers with new design ideas for electrified models.

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