Land Rover Design Head Dropping Hints on New Defender

As one of the toughest vehicles ever produced by Land Rover, the Defender is a symbol of hard work and dedication. With raving fans across the world for its durable performance, the Defender is surely an iconic vehicle in the brand’s 70-year history.

Mcgovern is hesitant to reveal details on the next Defender but he has dropped several clues over the past few months. The most recent clues were revealed in a presentation reported to Auto Week.

The Land Rover brand is comprised of three primary members: the Range Rover, Defender and Discovery. Of course, there is the Evoque, but McGovern mentioned these three for the fact that they each have original traits that they must stay true to while succeeding in the current era. For the Defender, those characteristics consist of durability, precision engineering and design leadership.

Another hint thrown out by Land Rover was a sketch depicting the silhouette of the Defender with a squared front end and flat roof, just like the original Defender. Although those who are hoping for a retro-styling may end up disappointed.

The design head of Land Rover prides himself on being a modernist, always coming up with fresh ideas. “I’m looking forward, not backward.” McGovern stated when speaking with reporters.

We can incur from these hints that the Defender will likely take on its original shape but have a modern twist that is recognized as the Land Rover brand.

McGovern’s design work with the Discovery and Range Rover also shed light on the direction of the new Defender. The most significant design changes in the two came in the way of the exterior styling; the grille, headlights and taillights. These improvements were much more sophisticated yet represented the authentic styling cues of the brand.

One thing is for sure, the design team at Land Rover is keeping the company true to their roots while evolving the Defender as an unforgettable member of the family.

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