Land Rover Durability in a Smartphone

Land Rover has introduced the perfect companion for your off-road travels; the Explore smartphone.

This innovative phone is ready to take on your next adventure with convenient lifestyle features. It includes a water-resistant wristband that can track user activity and also doubles as an electronic key fob.

Outdoor activities will never be the same with the usefulness of Land Rover’s Explore smartphone. It features a fully functional camera so you can record your experiences without worrying about your phone getting damaged.

The durability of this phone is impressive as it is rated at IP68 which reflects that it can be submerged underwater for up to 30 minutes. Some smartphones are labeled as waterproof, but they cannot actually be held underneath the surface.

As soon as you hop out of your Land Rover vehicle, you can drop the Explore in dirt, mud or sand and it will still work just as if it was brand new.

Land Rover fans love the fact that the Explore smartphone can easily be paired with their vehicle and it is equipped with expansive off-road maps. While you are looking at the maps, you won’t be straining your eyes as the screen is designed to reduce glare.

The battery inside the phone is better than the iPhone X as it is 4,000 milliampere compared with 2,700 milliampere for the iPhone. If you are venturing out into new off-road territories, the phone will last for a long time once you’ve ventured away from your vehicle.

Accessory packages are also available for extra protection and mounting the phone on your bicycle.

Land Rover makes sure the experience for the Explore smartphone is just as durable as your Land Rover SUV.

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