Looking Back on 2017 for Range Rover

2017 was a big year for Range Rover with updates to the vehicles capability, luxury and refinement along with innovations in technology. Range Rover will continue to uphold its status as the world’s finest SUV by innovating new technology to simplify the driver experience.  Looking back at the 2017 model year line-up, there were a handful of safety, off-road, guidance and entertainment features favored among drivers.

With the brand innovating the building blocks of autonomous driving, features such as Blind Spot Assist and Driver Condition Monitor steer the vehicle back into the lane if the system detects it is shifting onto the path of another vehicle.

To aid drivers when approaching traffic signs, Range Rover vehicles come equipped with Traffic Sign Recognition to adjust the speed of the vehicle.

When towing a load or trailer, the Advanced Tow Assist helps reduce the burden of maneuvering the trailer by guiding the direction of the vehicle when backing up.

Most noteworthy for consumers in the new InControl Touch Pro system that will also be featured in 2018 models. The exclusive infotainment system has a suite full of features to make life easier for drivers when navigating to their destination. For those who commute, the technology adapts to the frequent routes and suggests the optimal route based on traffic data.

The guidance doesn’t stop inside the vehicle’s cabin, there is a Route Planner app to guide drivers to their final destination on foot. What more can you ask for than door-to-door, start to finish directions to make sure you never get lost?

Finally, but certainly the most valued feature of the Range Rover is its all-terrain capability backed by Low Traction Launch which is a special driving mode designed to master the most treacherous surfaces like snow, mud or ice.

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Fully Electrified Vehicles Coming to Land Rover?

Jaguar Land Rover will be introducing the Jaguar I-Pace in 2018 as its first electric car. Land Rover will soon be following suit to bring forward the iconic skateboard platform and underpin the Jaguar I-Pace.

They haven’t yet released specifics on timing or where the fully electrified version will be positioned between the Range Rover, Defender and Discovery families. However, at the 2017 Los Angeles Motor show, Land Rover’s design team made it clear that it would naturally fall into all three pillars over time.

Gerry McGovern, Land Rover’s design manager stated that his goal is to “embrace electrification while maintaining the substance of the brand, especially when it comes to off-road driving”. The team will need to weigh the changes that come with electrification against the proportions of the vehicle to determine the best approach.

One thing is for sure, Land Rover will bring a more rugged approach to the table when compared with the Jaguar I-Pace and make sure that both vehicles have their own distinct characteristics.

Hardcore off-road drivers will value a Land Rover vehicle that has enhanced torque delivery and lightweight battery, both that come with the change to the electric engine.

The great thing about the electric drive for the Land Rover brand is that offers complete control over the speed, giving the opportunity to move super slow when going over rough terrain. Once they move to fully-electrified vehicles, they surely will not skimp on the poise or durability of the new models.

They’ve already introduced the Range Rover P400e variants as their first range of plug-in hybrids, the next step is to emerge in the fully electric market alongside the I-Pace. Before Land Rover starts producing fully electric vehicles, they will continue with more plug-in models, likely the next-gen Defender.

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Land Rover Design Head Dropping Hints on New Defender

As one of the toughest vehicles ever produced by Land Rover, the Defender is a symbol of hard work and dedication. With raving fans across the world for its durable performance, the Defender is surely an iconic vehicle in the brand’s 70-year history.

Mcgovern is hesitant to reveal details on the next Defender but he has dropped several clues over the past few months. The most recent clues were revealed in a presentation reported to Auto Week.

The Land Rover brand is comprised of three primary members: the Range Rover, Defender and Discovery. Of course, there is the Evoque, but McGovern mentioned these three for the fact that they each have original traits that they must stay true to while succeeding in the current era. For the Defender, those characteristics consist of durability, precision engineering and design leadership.

Another hint thrown out by Land Rover was a sketch depicting the silhouette of the Defender with a squared front end and flat roof, just like the original Defender. Although those who are hoping for a retro-styling may end up disappointed.

The design head of Land Rover prides himself on being a modernist, always coming up with fresh ideas. “I’m looking forward, not backward.” McGovern stated when speaking with reporters.

We can incur from these hints that the Defender will likely take on its original shape but have a modern twist that is recognized as the Land Rover brand.

McGovern’s design work with the Discovery and Range Rover also shed light on the direction of the new Defender. The most significant design changes in the two came in the way of the exterior styling; the grille, headlights and taillights. These improvements were much more sophisticated yet represented the authentic styling cues of the brand.

One thing is for sure, the design team at Land Rover is keeping the company true to their roots while evolving the Defender as an unforgettable member of the family.

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Introducing the Discovery Kitchen for Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver

Jaguar Land Rover is known for many exciting vehicles such as the Land Rover Discovery SVX, Range Rover Autobiography edition and the F-TYPE SVR. The Special Vehicle Operations team is always looking for a new challenge to set the brand apart from the competition.

How would a standard-looking Land Rover Discovery stand out among such top-of-the-line vehicles?

Apart from being owned by a celebrity chef, it is a super compact mobile kitchen with all of the essentials needed to make delicious recipes. Inside the back of the luxury-SUV is a prep surface, slow cooker, butter churners and even a herb garden!

The Special Vehicle Operations team customized the vehicle for Jamie Oliver who is a famous chef in LA, known for his gourmet cooking. He will be debuting his new Discovery on November 26 in Smorgasburg, LA for an outdoor market event.

Among the selection for Jamie’s menu will be the turkey banh mi sandwich, where profits will be donated to a non-profit. The money will be going to help the Food Forward organization that serves the needy with surplus food.

The Discovery model is packed full of neat kitchen features that are great for serving up healthy choices. The 5-quart slow cooker machine sits near the front of the vehicle, to the side of the engine. Simply pop the hood and make magic happen in the Discovery kitchen!

The slide-out workstation pulls from the back cargo area and includes a sink and dual gas burners. In each wheel hub, there are 5-quart churners for butter with the last wheel hub including an ice cream mixer. There is also a toaster in the middle of the vehicle and a rotisserie that pops out from the front bumper.

Jamie will be able to keep fresh herbs in the garden that is situated by the rear window and the glass section has a spice rack as well.

The custom-built Discovery may not be off-road equipped or super fast but it is extremely neat and will help Jamie cook up mouth-watering meals and raise money for the needy.

Interested in checking out the Land Rover Discovery vehicle? Contact us at Land Rover Austin to learn more!


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2018 Discovery and Evoque Equipped with New Engine

Land Rover announced that they will be replacing the GTDi gas engines in the 2018 Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque models. The two vehicles will come equipped with Ingenium 2.0-liter four-cylinder engines along with a number of other updates. Jaguar Land Rover recognizes the new Ingenium engine as the most advanced engine that they have ever created.

All standard Range Rover Evoque models will come equipped with the 237 hp version, while the 5 door trims will have the 286 hp output. The 237 hp Ingenium produces 251 pounds per foot of torque while the higher output version features a whopping 295 pounds per foot.

When you upgrade to the Evoque HSE Dynamic or Autobiography trims, the 286 hp engine delivers a 6 second 0-60 mph time and a top speed of 144 mph. In addition to the upgraded engine power, these Evoque models include 20-inch alloy wheels, a glossy black grill and larger front and rear bumpers.

The 2018 lineup for Range Rover Evoque will also include a Landmark Edition that is a step above the SE Premium model. The Landmark will have the 237 hp Ingenium engine alone with 19-inch alloy wheels, hood vents, graphite atlas finish and gray contrast roof. The color options will include Moraine blue, corris grey and yulong white.

Land Rover’s best selling vehicle, the Discovery Sport is coming out with two brand new versions in 2018; the HSE and HSE Luxury. The standard models get the 237 hp Ingenium engine, while the HSE and HSE Luxury will be equipped with the 286 hp engine.

The HSE models will also come with upgrades including 20-inch black alloy wheels, chrome tailpipe tips, black front grill and bigger air intakes. Additionally, the Discovery Sport will have updated seat that includes a more comfortable foam composition and four-way lumbar support.

We hope you are as excited as we are about the upgrades to the 2018 Discovery Sport and Evoque models! Contact us at Land Rover Austin to learn more.


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