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The vehicles we offer here at Land Rover Austin are clearly known for their alluring and tantalizing traits, and soon we will be taking technology to the next level with two new systems that are sure to pave the way for the future.

Jaguar Land Rover’s new 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen system, showcased on an XJ sedan, embraces two unique approaches to getting around town.  First up is the Transparent Pillar system, which uses a combination of cameras and display screens embedded in the A, B and C pillars to make them virtually disappear.   Rather than acting as blind spots limiting your visibility, the system uses the roof pillars to display what is actually going on around the car. If there happens to be an obstacle hidden by the A-pillars, the system shows you the potential hazard as if the pillars weren’t there, and brings the obstacle to the driver’s attention.  If the driver turns his or her head to see a vehicle passing alongside, it projects the vehicle on the inside of the B- or C-pillar.

The second system integrated in the next-generation head-up display is the Follow-Me Ghost Car Navigation system, which takes a page straight out of the video-game playbook by projecting a “ghost car” on the windscreen that the driver can then “follow” instead of listening to turn-by-turn directions or looking at a map in the dashboard display.

The release of these systems also follows the integrated smart navigation and infotainment system displayed on the Range Rover Sport and the Transparent Bonnet showcased on the Discovery Vision concept. Though these new technologies might not be quite ready for production, they clearly show how Jaguar Land Rover is ahead of the curve when it comes to reducing driver distraction and increasing the visibility.

Take a look at the latest systems in the video below for a closer look, and afterwards feel free to call Land Rover Austin in Austin, Texas for any questions or further information.

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