Range Rover Evolves

The Land Rover Range Rover has become iconic. It has easily evolved into a luxurious, sophisticated, capable, and design inspiring vehicle. Coupled with the advanced technologies now available, the Land Rover Range Rover is unbeatable.

The first prototype for the Range Rover, the Prototype Range Rover Velar, was created in 1969. Land Rover sought to keep the iconic vehicle a secret so it was given the name ‘Velar’, which is derived from the Italian work ‘velare’, which means to veil or cover.

In 1970, the first Range Rover was revealed. This 3-door vehicle came fitted with a clamshell bonnet, a continuous waistline, split tailgate, and was the first SUV to have permanent 4-wheel drive.

In 1981, the 4-Door Range Rover was released. By implementing four doors, Range Rovers could be utilized by a wider variety of consumers. The 1989 version of the 4-Door Range Rover came fitted with anti-lock brakes.

In 1994, the second generation of the Range Rover was released. While the body type was modernized for the second generation, the most iconic change was the introduction of rectangular headlamps. This change has withstood the test of time and is one of the most recognizable features of the Range Rover today.

In 2001, the third generation of the Range Rover was released. This generation was the first to be built with a monocoque single shell body. The inspiration for this design came from The Italian Riva speedboat.

Over the next 10 years the Range Rover put out many different variations and editions. In 2012, the fourth, and current, generation of the Range Rover was released. This generation as the first to be built of an lightweight all-aluminum body with a long wheelbase and floating roof.

From the very first Range Rover Velar to the latest fourth generation Range Rover, it is clear the Range Rover has only continued to excel while never compromising capability and performance.

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