Road Tripping with Jonas Bendiksen

Land Rover has teamed up with renowned photographer, Jonas Bendiksen, to create a series of works entitled “Ultimate Vistas.” These photographs will feature incredible landscapes by Bendiksen while using the Range Rover to transport him from place to place.

Bendiksen, a native Norwegian, started the series out by photographing his home country. The intelligent technology, Terrain Response 2, of the Range Rover allowed him to reach outstanding vantage points that are usually unaccessible. The Terrain Response 2 automatically chooses the best of its driving modes that will best suit the terrain the vehicle is currently driving on. It also makes sure the optimal vehicle’s settings are selected.

During Part 1 of the Ultimate Vistas series, Bendiksen drove from Oslo through the Dovre Mountains.

“After photographing Dovre, I drove to westwards to Trollstigen,” Bendiksen says. “One of the great things about doing this trip entirely by road is that I can stop anywhere I want. If I see something that interests me I can pull up, jump out and go check it out.”

“It’s a fantastic drive to go on because the landscape changes all the time. You take one turn and head up into the next valley, and who knows what golden nuggets of a view might be waiting for you around the corner.”

“It’s almost annoying to be looking for the greatest landscape because you see something and go ‘oh wow, I have to photograph it’ so you jump out of the car and you start taking a picture and you drive five more minutes and it kind of one-ups that one and goes ‘woah, that’s really incredible.’ “

When Bendiksen finally reached Trollstigen the sun was starting to set so it was difficult to take good photographs. Then, while looking down upon the mountain, Bendiksen had a great idea for a photograph. He took a long exposure picture a car driving on the road below, resulting in something incredible. Watch the video to see.

“I took pictures for 10 to 15 minutes and then a car came driving up this road, painting the road with headlights. In a way, I saw a solution to take a picture where you could really see the road in its entirety, and, at the same time, look nice.”

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