Self-Driving Cars! Coming Soon?

Have you ever just wished your car would drive itself? It could happen sooner than you think! Jaguar Land Rover and Ford are currently embarking on the first trials of this kind, and the United Kingdom wants to have self-driving vehicles by the end of 2020.

Vehicles that speak to each other and connect with different types of technology will be able to adjust their speeds to miss fewer traffic lights, and will know if another vehicle suddenly hits its breaks.

They will be able to let other cars know their breaking status, steering-wheel position, speed, which lane they are in, and other data. In short, vehicles will be so in tune with every vehicle around them that you will not have to worry about accidents.


A lot of vehicles already have different kinds of technology that can detect their surroundings, but it is limited. It often cannot see past a few car lengths away. Jaguar Land Rover and Ford are currently testing cars that “talk” to one another. The hope is that by communicating with each other, cars will be able to eliminate accidents and cut down drive times by automatically putting you on the most efficient route. The technology being tested by Jaguar Land Rover and Ford is still imperfect and will need more time and energy focused on it to create vehicles that can safely transport their inhabitants.

Over the next four years, Jaguar Land Rover plans to manufacture more than 100 vehicles to be used as research to, hopefully, further the technology needed for self-driving vehicles.

However, this trial is just the start of a new era of vehicle we hope to see on the roads very soon. Self-driving cars may seem to be a little futuristic, but if something can be created to lower or eliminate the amount of vehicle accidents every year, it is probably worth our attention.

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