Jaguar Land Rover Works Towards Car Connectivity

Jaguar Land Rover North America is excited to announce that LISNR and PILOT Automotive Labs (PILOT) are the latest start-ups joining their team at the Jaguar Land Rover Tech Incubator program, located in Portland, Oregon.

The Portland Tech Incubator program opened in January of 2016. The program was expanded from the Jaguar Land Rover Open Software Technology Center that was established in July of 2014. The Portland Tech Incubator program strives “to encourage, promote and support new automotive, mobility and connected car technologies that are being developed by start-ups.” Over the next decade, the program is committed to partnership with 120 start-up companies.

“The technologies LISNR and PILOT are developing present us with endless opportunities to broaden our scope of knowledge across data transmission and a suite of driver assistance features,” Danielle Alexander, Incubator General Manager, said. “We’re excited to spend the next six months working alongside these teams, and looking forward to seeing what comes out of the partnerships.”

LISNR is working towards enhancing in-car connectivity. They want seat personalization, keyless access, and remote app pairing to be a seamless part of working your vehicle. They also are working towards eliminating the risks associated with “peer-to-peer data transmission over connected devices through its ability to transmit data in an offline environment.”

PILOT’s focus is on creating technology that will allow modern Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) features to be implemented on older vehicles. By doing this, they hope to improve safety for the customer. PILOT’s technology could work with the vehicle’s navigation, road sign and traffic signal detection, voice control, forward collision warnings, obstacle detection, and more.

For the next 6 months LISNR and PILOT will be given space inside the Portland research and development facilities, mentorship, access to resources such as investment and services, and development support from the Jaguar Land Rover global engineering teams.

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Land Rover Designs Innovative Steering Wheel

The Land Rover engineers and designers are constantly trying to create new and innovative technology. Recently, Engineers took technology from the new Land Rover Discovery and tweaked it to assist Sir Ben Ainslie and the Land Rover BAR Sailing Team with winning the America’s Cup.

Land Rover’s Human Machine engineers spent 18 months creating a one-off steering wheel with gear-shift paddles specifically shaped to fit Sir Ben Ainslie’s hands. This will give Sir Ben Ainslie perfect fingertip control as his team battles to win the world’s oldest sporting trophy, the America’s Cup.

The specialized steering wheel allows Sir Ben Ainslie to adjust the boat’s hydrofoils with great precision so the BAR Team can go as fast as possible.

“This is not just a great piece of design and engineering, but beautiful craftsmanship,” Sir Ben Ainslie said. “The controls are intuitive and smooth, with just the right amount of feel and feedback. It really has made a difference to how I control R1.”

“We have used our experience and technologies developed for the new Discovery and put it on a race boat,” Tony Harper, Director of Research at Jaguar Land Rover, said. “The paddle system we developed for Land Rover BAR has its roots in the steering wheel gear-change mechanisms our customers use daily. By adding personalized molds of Sir Ben’s fingers we have provided a mechanism capable of lifting the boat onto its foils, increasing efficiency through the water and ultimately reaching top speed more quickly.”

“Land Rover’s new easier-to-use controls are a reliable and innovative design concept, giving Sir Ben and the team a feature not seen before in the America’s Cup,” Richard Hopkirk, Engineering Manager at Land Rover BAR, said. “This is the critical piece of technology on board – the connection between Sir Ben and the boat. I’m really grateful to the Land Rover engineers for working so closely with our team and leading the development of such an effective, efficient design.”

Join us in wishing the Land Rover BAR Team good luck as they begin their quest for the America’s Cup!

Land Rover Goes the Extra Mile

Land Rover has always been committed to serving. They have partnered with the Red Cross for 64 years and have worked together on many projects across 4 continents in 24 countries. In 2017, Land Rover wanted to do something more to assist the Red Cross, so they launched Project Hero. Project Hero is a unique version of the all-new Land Rover Discovery.

“This supremely capable vehicle is enhanced by the team of designers and engineers at Special Vehicle Operations through the integration of advanced drone technology,” John Edwards, Managing Director Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations, said.

David Wran-Schume is a part of the Operations and Disaster Management for the Austrian Red Cross. He has been with the Red Cross for 11 years. He and his team were able to test the special version of the Land Rover Discovery.

“We’re up here to test the new Discovery with the drone and to identify how it would fit into the team and what role it can play,” Wran-Schume said. “A few years ago, I couldn’t imagine having access to this technology and being a part of this project.”

“There is a lot of technology packed into the new Discovery, it makes it a lot easier to clear communication channels so that everybody is linked up and ready to go. We get the chance to identify signs of missing people around hazards that can harm our personnel involved.”

The drone built into the new Discovery even comes equipped with infrared technology. Wran-Schume continues, “Infrared camera technology is really useful because you can identify heat sources.”

“For me all these ingredients, the technology, the new discovery, and our own expertise coming together would make a big difference and may ultimately save lives. This could mark the start of a new era in search and rescue.”

Land Rover believes that saving lives is “a duty, a privilege, one of the greatest things one human-being can do for another.” By partnering with the Red Cross to bring them this unique version of the new Discovery, Land Rover is hoping that many more lives are saved.