Land Rover Unveils ‘Legacy Wall’

Land Rover Austin is proud of Jaguar Land Rover’s commitment to making a difference in the community around them. Recently, a ‘Legacy Wall’ was unveiled at Jaguar Land Rover’s Engine Manufacturing Center (EMC), near Wolverhampton, United Kingdom.

The Legacy Wall was the idea of Jaguar Land Rover Machining Manager, Jon Stanley, and supports Midlands Air Ambulance, EMC’s official charity. Stanley initially got the idea for the Legacy Wall from a wall he saw at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

“I was standing outside the Children’s Hospital, with my family, where the Midlands Air Ambulance helicopter landed nearby,” Stanley said. “As we were moved to accommodate the landing, we noticed a brick-built wall, inscribed with initials. It referred to a building fundraiser launched by the hospital in 1913. The public had contributed one guinea to sponsor a brick that is still evident today. It got me thinking about how we could sue the idea and I brought it back to the EMC to discuss with members of our People Committee and they loved it.”

The Legacy Wall was unveiled by 11-time gold medal winning equestrian Paralympian and Midlands Air Ambulance ambassador, Sir Lee Pearson. He received life-sating services firsthand when he had a riding accident.

The Legacy Wall is comprised of more than 250 brushed aluminum-style plaques that were each sponsored an EMC employee. The fundraiser raised more than $3,400 for Midlands Air Ambulance. Over the past two years, the EMC has contributed over $18,000 to Midlands Air Ambulance.

The Jaguar Land Rover EMC was officially opened in 2014 and is where Jaguar Land Rover’s “Ingenium family of low-emission turbo-charged Petrol and Diesel engines” are engineered, designed, and manufactured.

Jaguar Land Rover remains committed to their community and making a difference.

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3 Vehicles Unveiled at Geneva Motor Show

Jaguar Land Rover recently participated at the Geneva Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland. While there, Jaguar Land Rover was proud to unveil three new vehicles: the Range Rover Velar, the Jaguar I-PACE Concept, and the ‘Project Hero’ Land Rover Discovery.

“Jaguar Land Rover is a technology company, creating world-class premium cars,” Dr. Ralf Speth, Jaguar Land Rover CEO, said at the show. “Today, we have unveiled two revolutionary new vehicles – the Range Rover Velar and the Jaguar I-PACE Concept. Both are true to purpose: to create experiences our customers love for life.”

The Range Rover Velar is the fourth in the Range Rover line-up. It will be manufactured only in the United Kingdom. The Range Rover Velar will be made of lightweight aluminum intensive architecture and powered by the newest, environmentally friendly, Ingenium petrol and diesel engine.

The Jaguar I-PACE is Jaguar’s first electric performance SUV Concept. Jaguar Land Rover is committed to a cleaner future, and by 2020 they will offer electrification as an option on all of their new cars. The Jaguar I-PACE will be manufactured in Graz, Austria, at Magna Steyr’s plant.

Jaguar Land Rover’s new version of the Land Rover Discovery, ‘Project Hero,’ is built to support Jaguar Land Rover’s partnership with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Jaguar Land Rover is provided 120 vehicles to the Red Cross since 1954. Project Hero is an advanced communication vehicle and the first to have a drone mounted on the roof to help crews with search and rescue.

Jaguar Land Rover remains committed to developing tools for a brighter future. They continue to develop cleaner and more sustainable engines, and are looking forward to releasing completely electric vehicles in 2020. They also continue to serve relief efforts worldwide. Project Hero is just one example of what Jaguar Land Rover is doing.

Self-Driving Cars! Coming Soon?

Have you ever just wished your car would drive itself? It could happen sooner than you think! Jaguar Land Rover and Ford are currently embarking on the first trials of this kind, and the United Kingdom wants to have self-driving vehicles by the end of 2020.

Vehicles that speak to each other and connect with different types of technology will be able to adjust their speeds to miss fewer traffic lights, and will know if another vehicle suddenly hits its breaks.

They will be able to let other cars know their breaking status, steering-wheel position, speed, which lane they are in, and other data. In short, vehicles will be so in tune with every vehicle around them that you will not have to worry about accidents.


A lot of vehicles already have different kinds of technology that can detect their surroundings, but it is limited. It often cannot see past a few car lengths away. Jaguar Land Rover and Ford are currently testing cars that “talk” to one another. The hope is that by communicating with each other, cars will be able to eliminate accidents and cut down drive times by automatically putting you on the most efficient route. The technology being tested by Jaguar Land Rover and Ford is still imperfect and will need more time and energy focused on it to create vehicles that can safely transport their inhabitants.

Over the next four years, Jaguar Land Rover plans to manufacture more than 100 vehicles to be used as research to, hopefully, further the technology needed for self-driving vehicles.

However, this trial is just the start of a new era of vehicle we hope to see on the roads very soon. Self-driving cars may seem to be a little futuristic, but if something can be created to lower or eliminate the amount of vehicle accidents every year, it is probably worth our attention.

Land Rover BAR Uses Machine Learning

Led by Sir Ben Ainslie, the Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing, or Land Rover BAR, sailing team is made up of some of the best British and International sailors, designers, builders, and racing support. Land Rover BAR was established in 2014.

Using machine learning to analyze the performance of Land Rover vehicles, Mauricio Munoz, a Jaguar Land Rover Performance Engineer, uses this data and applies it to the systems that manage the electronics and hydraulic systems on the boat the Land Rover BAR team uses.

“Essentially, what we are trying to do is get a better insight of how or why the boat is performing in the way that it is performing and try to find ways to better increase its performance,” Munoz explains, “Basically, what I’m looking for are patterns, combinations of behaviors that the boat has that could potentially give us a clue as to why the boat goes faster in certain conditions. “

“We’re applying machine learning and artificial intelligence, and they haven’t really been applied to this sort of data before. Machine learning at BAR, that’s the cavalry of performance analysis. With machine learning, what you can do is, to save time, instead of having to go out on the water and changing one thing, we can virtually change many things at once. It is absolutely fantastic.”

Implementing this data and improving performance will, hopefully, allow Land Rover BAR to bring home a victory at the America’s Cup.

“It would be really really rewarding if we win the cup now and if we could essentially trace that back to some of the analysis that we did. It is just as much as having a really well trained sailing team as it is to have a boat that’s easy to sail. When you connect the two, I think that’s what is really going to bring it home.”

All-New Discovery Models & Features

Land Rover recently revealed the All-New Discovery. The All-New Discovery comes in four different models, the SE, the HSE, the HSE Luxury, and the First Edition. Each model has their own unique features to choose from, including engines.

The All-New Discovery SE standard features include, but are not limited to, stop/start technology, hill descent control, anti-lock braking system, hill start assist, dynamic stability control, electronic brake-force distribution, acoustic laminated windscreen, door puddle lights, trailer stability assist, front and rear recovery hooks, auto-dimming interior rear view mirror, upper secondary glovebox, and overhead sunglasses storage.

The All-New Discovery HSE include the SE standard features, but also include, but are not limited to, heated rear window with rear wash wiper, power fold heated door mirrors with approach lights, bright treadplates, shopping bag hook, two-zone climate control, and natural shadow oak veneer.

The All-New Discovery HSE Luxury includes the SE and HSE standard features, but also include, but are not limited to, Atlas grille with Narvik Black surround, Atlas fender vents with Narvik Black surround, power sunroof, keyless entry, front parking aid, rear view camera, and powered inner tailgate.

The All-New Discovery First Edition includes the SE standard features, but also include, but are not limited to, extended leather interior, premium carpet mats, and connected navigation.

The All-New Discovery SE features the 3.0 Liter Si6 Petrol Automatic. This engine features 4-wheel drive, 8-speed automatic, 340 horsepower, with a maximum RPM of 3,500-5,000. It has a maximum speed of 130 miles per hour with an acceleration of 0-60 miles per hour in 6.9 seconds. The fuel capacity is 23.5 gallons.

The All-New Discovery HSE, HSE Luxury, and First Edition feature an option between the 3.0 Liter Si6 Petrol Automatic and the 3.0 Liter Td6 Diesel Automatic. The 3.0 Liter Td6 Diesel Automatic engine features 4-wheel drive, 8-speed automatic, 254 horsepower, with a maximum RPM of 1,750-2,250. It has a maximum speed of 130 miles per hour with an acceleration of 0-60 miles per hour in 7.7 seconds. The fuel capacity is 22.5 gallons.

Whatever model you choose, you cannot go wrong. To find out more about the All-New Discovery, call or visit Land Rover Austin today!