Land Rover Unveils ‘Legacy Wall’

Land Rover Austin is proud of Jaguar Land Rover’s commitment to making a difference in the community around them. Recently, a ‘Legacy Wall’ was unveiled at Jaguar Land Rover’s Engine Manufacturing Center (EMC), near Wolverhampton, United Kingdom.

The Legacy Wall was the idea of Jaguar Land Rover Machining Manager, Jon Stanley, and supports Midlands Air Ambulance, EMC’s official charity. Stanley initially got the idea for the Legacy Wall from a wall he saw at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

“I was standing outside the Children’s Hospital, with my family, where the Midlands Air Ambulance helicopter landed nearby,” Stanley said. “As we were moved to accommodate the landing, we noticed a brick-built wall, inscribed with initials. It referred to a building fundraiser launched by the hospital in 1913. The public had contributed one guinea to sponsor a brick that is still evident today. It got me thinking about how we could sue the idea and I brought it back to the EMC to discuss with members of our People Committee and they loved it.”

The Legacy Wall was unveiled by 11-time gold medal winning equestrian Paralympian and Midlands Air Ambulance ambassador, Sir Lee Pearson. He received life-sating services firsthand when he had a riding accident.

The Legacy Wall is comprised of more than 250 brushed aluminum-style plaques that were each sponsored an EMC employee. The fundraiser raised more than $3,400 for Midlands Air Ambulance. Over the past two years, the EMC has contributed over $18,000 to Midlands Air Ambulance.

The Jaguar Land Rover EMC was officially opened in 2014 and is where Jaguar Land Rover’s “Ingenium family of low-emission turbo-charged Petrol and Diesel engines” are engineered, designed, and manufactured.

Jaguar Land Rover remains committed to their community and making a difference.

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Land Rover BORN Awards

Land Rover Austin is excited to congratulate the winners of the Land Rover BORN awards that took place July 26. The Land Rover BORN awards started when Land Rover and BORN (an online market network) came together to “recognize exceptional creative achievements in the design-led lifestyle.”

Born is an online market network that was created to support creative leadership. Designers and creators alike can display their products, their brands, and their profiles. This allows creators to connect with industry professionals and others who are passionate about design. To be featured on BORN your designs must be “innovative, desirable, sustainable and relevant.”

To be nominated for the Land Rover BORN awards, you must first be showcased on BORN.

The nominees for the Land Rover BORN awards started as almost 6,000 candidates from all over the world. Finally a selection of 38 nominees was made, then down to 18. The final 18 nominees are taking part in a special exhibition (running from July 16 to August 5) in Alesund, Norway.

The theme for the 2017 Land Rover BORN awards was ‘reductionism.’ We feel that the new Range Rover Velar embodies reductionism while maintaining elegance.

“Design is the conduit that communicates our brand vision,” Gerry McGovern, Land Rover Chief Design Officer, said. “We aim to create vehicle designs that are compelling, relevant, and emotionally charged.”

“The common principle that Land Rover and BORN share – that design can, and does, change the world – looks to be as healthy as ever on the strength of this year’s Awards winners. Every year, the Awards bring together the brightest, the best and the most pioneering creators in the design industry, and every year the sheer scope of what is competing for the various prizes is staggering.”

For a list of winners, click here.

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The Future: Autonomous Urban Drive

On June 22, 2017, Jaguar Land Rover led a demonstration to showcase the latest in Autonomous Urban Drive, their prototype autonomous technology.

Autonomous Urban Drive is inching its way closer to ‘level four’ autonomy. Vehicles with level four autonomous can carry out driving tasks for specific environments (i.e. towns and cities) without any driver’s help. Jaguar Land Rover hopes to implement this technology into their vehicles within the next decade.

In addition to developing fully-autonomous vehicle technologies, Jaguar Land Rover is also developing semi-autonomous to give customers more options. They will be able to choose between an engaged or autonomous vehicle. Jaguar Land Rover hopes that the autonomous car will be viable in a range of driving environments and weather.

“The automotive landscape is changing faster today than ever before,” Tony Harper, Jaguar Land Rover Director of Engineering Research, said. “As a technology company, our innovation is continuous and our cars of the future will become more capable, cleaner, more connected, more desirable, and smarter.”

“Our Autonomous Urban Drive research is Jaguar Land Rover’s next step in our development of both fully and semi-autonomous vehicle technologies. However, we aren’t looking at simply replacing the driver, and making cars ‘driverless.’ Future technologies will give the driver more not less – they will assist and ultimately enhance the driving experience.”

Jaguar Land Rover has been working with Ford and Tata Motors’ European Technical Center to test connected technologies. They want to ensure the vehicles can talk to one another and roadside infrastructure (i.e. traffic lights).

Connected vehicle technologies include: Intersection Collision Risk Warning (ICRW), In Vehicle Signage (IVS), and Emergency Vehicle Warning (EVW).

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Jaguar Land Rover Opens New Classic Works

Jaguar Land Rover is excited to announce their all-new Classic Works facility! This new facility is more than 150,000 sq. ft. with 54 workshop bays and a special showroom space, making it the largest facility of its kind in the world.

Located in the British Midlands, Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works offers services and products designed especially for passionate enthusiasts and owners of Jaguar and Land Rover classic vehicles. The new facility will house all sales, restoration operations, and servicing of Jaguar Land Rover Classic vehicles all in one place.

“Classic Works is hugely important to Jaguar Land Rover,” John Edwards, Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations Managing Director, said. “It’s much more than a building – it’s the heart, and soul, of Jaguar Land Rover Classic for our clients worldwide. Being able to support owners and enthusiasts of our two great brands with a full suite of services for classic vehicles is a fantastic opportunity.”

Also a part of the Classic Works facility, is the Jaguar Land Rover Classic Collection that has more than 500 vehicles. This collection is incredibly important for reference during restorations. These vehicles are available to be loaned out to museums or car clubs for display, and Jaguar Land Rover uses these vehicles to showcase their heritage at different events.

Tradition is important to Jaguar Land Rover, so 80 specialists are on staff at the Classic Works facility to assist with traditional manufacturing. There are 120 specialists expected to be on staff by the end of 2017. In addition to traditional manufacturing, Jaguar Land Rover is able to use their state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to recreate classic parts that would be too expensive to remanufacture otherwise.

“Our people, their knowledge and their skills are the heart of Jaguar Land Rover Classic,” Tim Hannig, Jaguar Land Rover Classic Director, said. “There are more than 1.5 million classic Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles worldwide, and we are investing in traditional manufacturing and restoration skills to ensure enthusiasts are able to give cars with a glorious past, a glorious future.”

Jaguar Land Rover Works Towards Car Connectivity

Jaguar Land Rover North America is excited to announce that LISNR and PILOT Automotive Labs (PILOT) are the latest start-ups joining their team at the Jaguar Land Rover Tech Incubator program, located in Portland, Oregon.

The Portland Tech Incubator program opened in January of 2016. The program was expanded from the Jaguar Land Rover Open Software Technology Center that was established in July of 2014. The Portland Tech Incubator program strives “to encourage, promote and support new automotive, mobility and connected car technologies that are being developed by start-ups.” Over the next decade, the program is committed to partnership with 120 start-up companies.

“The technologies LISNR and PILOT are developing present us with endless opportunities to broaden our scope of knowledge across data transmission and a suite of driver assistance features,” Danielle Alexander, Incubator General Manager, said. “We’re excited to spend the next six months working alongside these teams, and looking forward to seeing what comes out of the partnerships.”

LISNR is working towards enhancing in-car connectivity. They want seat personalization, keyless access, and remote app pairing to be a seamless part of working your vehicle. They also are working towards eliminating the risks associated with “peer-to-peer data transmission over connected devices through its ability to transmit data in an offline environment.”

PILOT’s focus is on creating technology that will allow modern Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) features to be implemented on older vehicles. By doing this, they hope to improve safety for the customer. PILOT’s technology could work with the vehicle’s navigation, road sign and traffic signal detection, voice control, forward collision warnings, obstacle detection, and more.

For the next 6 months LISNR and PILOT will be given space inside the Portland research and development facilities, mentorship, access to resources such as investment and services, and development support from the Jaguar Land Rover global engineering teams.