A Land Rover Legacy

Photographer, Alex Strohl, spent his childhood on adventures with his father in their family Land Rover.

Strohl’s father worked as a forest engineer throughout Southern Europe and North Africa. He often worked in difficult terrain and hard to reach places. He used his Land Rover to ensure he was able to get his job done. The first Land Rover Strohl’s father owned was a Land Rover Defender 110 (then a Land Rover Santana, produced only in Spain).

When Strohl heard the Land Rover Defender was being discontinued in 2015, he bought one of his own within 2 weeks. Strohl was drawn to the Defender’s simple and rugged charm.

“It drives how it looks and that roughness resembles the access it creates – the work it can accomplish,” Strohl said. “I love the fact that it makes no statement about your life situation. Whether you are a stock trader living in Manhattan or a sheep farmer off the coast of Scotland, this car will suit you.”

Last year Strohl and his partner, Andrea, worked on a project called ‘Alternative Living’ where they drove their Defender 110 through Europe. They explored some of the most remote settlements throughout the Alps and the Lofoten Islands in Norway. The Defender assisted them in reaching these hard to reach areas and worked as their lodging for three months. Their goal for the project, in addition to exploring remote areas of Europe, was to really connect with the people and places they encountered. The Defender allowed them to do just that.

Early summer of 2016, Strohl and Andrea bought their second Land Rover vehicle, a Land Rover Discovery Sport, to lay down some roots in Whitefish, Montana. By the end of 2016, Strohl and Andrea has put over 20,000 miles on their Discovery Sport by driving it to Alaska, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. The Discovery Sport excelled on every unique terrain and condition.

Strohl hopes to keep his father’s legacy of adventure going when he has his own kids someday. Hopefully he will be able to inspire them with travels, memories, and photographs, and Land Rover will be right there to take them there. 

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