Touring Cannery Row

American, Bradley Hasemeyer, and British, Adrian Simpson, automotive journalists take a tour of Cannery Row in Monterey, California while driving the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque.

Simpson described Cannery Row as “somewhere really special” with “the wooden buildings, the balconies, and the smell of the sea.”

Hasemeyer went on to describe Cannery Row as “world famous” and “very historic.” He explained to Simpson that the area has inspired many American writers, such as them, and the industry that kept it going, “This is such an iconic part of California. People would bring in tons of sardines, there was an entire industry.” He even mentioned the vastness of the ocean and how it is truly inspiring in its own right.

As their mode of transportation, the Range Rover Evoque really made an impression on them. They discussed how “beautifully compact” it is, and Simpson went on to say, “This may be the smaller brother to the Range Rover, but you’re getting all that luxury and refinement.”

“If feels like a concept car that went from the concept design and didn’t go through that period where they completely wash out the excitement of the design.”

Hasemeyer commented on the Range Rover Evoque’s debut, and how many heads it turned. “It was like breaking necks,” Hasemeyer said.

As they finished their tour of the town, they started to drive up a hill through forest to reach an amazing vista. Both Simpson and Hasemeyer were enthralled with the beauty of the landscape driving up the hill and were very impressed with how much they could see out of the Range Rover Evoque’s windows. Hasemeyer even commented on the sunroof, “Of course with the pano roof, everything flying by us.”

As they reached their final destination, the view, Hasemeyer led Simpson, on foot, down a nature trail. Simpson, realizing they were getting further from the vehicle than he thought, pulled out his smart phone and remotely made sure the doors on the Range Rover Evoque were locked. “That way when we get back, there isn’t a grizzly bear in my driving seat,” Simpson said.

In the end, they were rewarded with an incredible view of Cannery Row, with the help of the Range Rover Evoque.

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